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aldatmaka:ldatmakvto lie ; deceive, swindle
aldawa:ldawnswindle, fraud
aldawçya:ldawçynswindler, liar, con-man
aldawçylyka:ldawçylyknswindling, deceptive actions
aldygynaadvquickly, at full speedaldygyna gitmekto go at full speed
aldym-berdimliadvfiercely, persistentlyaldym-berdimli göreşpersistent wrestling
aldyrmakv1to have something boughtKakama kitap aldyrdym.I got them to buy a book for my father.2to have something takenJübimden gapjygymy aldyrdym.I had my wallet taken out of my pocket.3to takeDümewe bar güýjümi aldyrdym.The 'flu took out all my strength.aldyrany bar ý if he had stolen somethingOl jaýdan aldyrany bar ýaly çykdy.He ran hot-footed out of the house.
aleýhessalampeace be upon him
aleýkimessalama:leýkimessa:laminterjHow do you do? Hello.reply to essalawmaleýkim
aljyramakv1to be flustered, to be at a loss, to be thrown into confusionKöp myhman gelende, ol aljyrady.When many guests were coming he became very flustered.2to panicMen gapjygymy ogurladyp aljyradym.My wallet was stolen and I panicked.
aljyraňňyadj1confused, overwhelmed2scatter-brained
aljyratmakv1to confuse, to throw into confusion2to startleMeni it aljyratdy.The dog startled me.
alkymnto pick a quarrel with someonealkymyna süýş get close up to someonealkymyndan take someone by the scruff of the neckÄri öýe giren badyna, aýaly gygyryp, onuň alkymyndan aldy.The moment her husband came home, the wife started quarrelling loudly with him.
alkyşnexpression of gratitude, thanks
AllaAlla:nAllah, God
allanämeadjfine, goodBiziň allanäme durmuşymyz bar.We have a good life.
allaowarraadvfar away
almanappleýer almasycomp.potatoÝer almasy ýeriň aşagynda ýetişýär.The potato grows underground.
almakv1to take, get, bringBu iş köp wagt alýar.This work takes a long time.dynç almakto take a break, to have a restÖz üstüne almak.To take responsibility.2to buy, obtainat almakto buy a horse3to possess, take overarwahyň almazlykevil spirit possessionAl gerek bolsa!comp.If you need it, take it!ar take revengeat make one's name, make a name for one's selfbasyp invade, to take overdyrnagyňy almakcomp.vto cut fingernails, toenailseliňe take control, to take something into one's own handsMugallym klasyň tertibini öz eline aldy.The teacher took the class's discipline into her own hands.garşy receive (guests), to welcome ingöwnüňe almakcomp.vto take offencetalap raid
almazn1diamond2edge, bladeaýna kesýän almazglass cutter