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erjeladjpersistent, insistenterjel adampersistent personerjel gyzpersistent girlişe erjel ýapyşmakto do work persistently
erjelliknpersistence, insistence, persistentlyerjellik bilenpersistentlyerjellik etmekto persist
erk-ygtyýarauthorityMaýsanyň gaýyn öýünde zat almaga ýa-da bermäge erk-ygtyýary ýok.Maysa does not have authority to buy something or give something at her parents-in-law.
erk; ygtyýarauthority
erkeçntwo-year-old goat; castrated (male) goat
erkeknmaleerkek adammanErkek!What a man!erkek malmale animalOl erkek adamdyr.He's a man, after all.bäşýaşar erkekA five-year-old maleerkek göbeklimale person
erkinadj1free, independent, without tieserkin adamindependent personerkin bolmakto be free/independenterkin adamfree personerkin bolmakto be freeerkin terjimea free translation2freelyözüňi erkin alyp barmakto live freely3fluently, freelyOl iňlis dilinde erkin gürleýär.S/he knows English fluently.
erkliadjfree, independenterkli adamindependent person
erksiz adama person lacking in self-controlSen öz erkiňe geldiňmi şu ýerik ýa-da zorlap getirdilermi?Did you come here with your own will or did they bring you by force?Erksiz adam gowşak bolar, ne öz niýeti bolar, ne-de öz pikiri.A person lacking authority is weak, he will have neither intentions, nor ideas.Çagany aglatma-da, öz erkine göýber, özi oýnasyn.Do not let cry child, but let him go fee and play.
ermeni1nArmenianMen ermeniI am an Armenian.2adjArmenianermeni diliArmenian, the Armenian language
ertecfertiradvtomorrowerte-birigüncomp.erti-bi:rigünadjtomorrow and the day after tomorrowBu günki işi ertä goýmasay.Don't put off until tomorrow what can be done today
erteki1n(fairy)-tale, folk storyhalk ertekilerifolk-storiesarwah-jynly ertekilerfairy tales about demonserteki make fantasy
erteki2ntomorrow's, on the morrow, tomorrowerteki gün näme boljagy belli däl.It is not known what will happen tomorrow.
ertirerti:rcferteadv1tomorrowertirkitomorrow'sMen ertir duşyşyga barjak.I will come to the meeting tomorrow.2morning, the next morningir ertir howa salkyn boldy.early the next morning the weather was cool
ertirineerti:rineadjmorning's, in the morning, morningOl her gün ertirine türgeleşik geçýär.he has training every morning.ertirine guşlar saýraşýar.The birds are singing in mornings.
ertirkierti:rkiadj1tomorrow's, the next day'sertirki güntomorrowertirki nesil2morningertirki aýazmorning frostertirki maşkmorning exercises
ertirlikerti:rliknbreakfastertirlik edinmekto have breakfast
esasesa:scfdüýpfundamentn1base, frame(work), foundation2basis, reason, groundsNäme esasda?On what grounds?hiç hili esassyzwithout any groundsSaglyk – ýaşaýşyň esasydyr.Health is the main of life.Matematika – takyk bilimleriň esasy.Maths is the basis of concrete knowledge.Ony tussag etmäge esas bar.There is reason for to arrest him.esasyny goý place the foundations
esasanesa:sa:nconjunctiongenerally, usuallyAýdýanyňyz, esasan dogry.generally it is right what you say.
esaslandyrmakesa:slandyrmakv1to substantiate, give proof (of)öz pikiriňi esaslandyrmakto give reasons for one's thinking2to takesungatda täze ugry esaslandyrmakto take the industry in a new direction
esaslanmakesa:slanmakvto base one's arguments/theories, take up one's stand
esaslyesa:slyadjwell-founded, valid, substantiatedesasly netijewell-founded conclusion