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ezberadjable, skilful, cleverezber bolmakbe skilful/able/cleverezber işçiable workmanezber sazandaskilful musicianezber ellerskilful hands
ezberliknability, skill, know-how
ezenekncollarezeneginden tutmakto take by the scruff of the neck, to collar
ezilmekv1to get wet/soakedMen ezildim.I'm soaked.Men ýagyşda ezildim.I got soaked in the rain.2to be squashed, crushed, crumpled, mashedezilen pomidorsquashed tomato3oppressedezilen halklaroppressed peopleezilmekden gaçmakto run away from oppressed
ezizezi:zadjdear, preciousEzizim!My dear!eziz dostdear friendeziz adamdear personeziz görmekto loveeziz tutmakto keep lovely/precious
ezmekv1to soak, wetsuwda ezmekto soak in the water2to oppress someonehalky ezmekto oppress people
ezýetntorment, torture, anguishezýet bermekto torment, harassezýet çekmekto suffer