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paçpa:çnduty, customs; tributegümrükhana pajycustoms dutypaç tölemekto pay dutyfee
paçakn1rind, skingawun paçagymelon rind2peelapelsin paçagyorange peel
paçjandung, excrement, droppings, manure
paglamakvto gush out, pourpaglap gitmekto gush outýaradan gan paglap gitdiblood gushed out from the woundonuň gözlerinden ýaş pagladytears gushed from her eyes
pagtacfgowaçanahn1cottoninçe süýümli pagtafine cottonpagta arassalaýjy zawodcotton-cleaning plantpagta arassalaýjy maşyncotton ginpagta tohumycotton seedpagta ekmekto sow cottonpagta ýygmakto pick cotton2cotton woolpagta bilen damagyna bir zatlar çalmakto rub one's throat with an ointment using cotton wool
pagtaçyncotton farmer, cotton grower
pahyrpahy:rnpoor fellow/boy/thing, poor manpahyr die
pajarlamakpa:jarlamakv1grow; to grow, sprout, spring uppajarlap ösmekto sprout, grow to a height2to prosper, flourish, thrivepajarlap ösmekto prosper, flourish, thrive
pajygalypa:jygalyadjhard, difficult; sad, painful, tragicpajygaly ýagdaýdifficult situationpajygaly günlerhard days
pal1pa:lnyawn, (fit of) yawning
pal2pa:lndivination, fortune-tellingpal atmakto tell someone's fortunekart bilen pal atmacard readingel boýunça pal atmapalmistry
palaspala:snruga thin patternless carpet or rug
palatan1palacearch2wardkeselhana palatasyward, hospital wardhospital3House, ChamberSöwda palatasyChamber of CommerceObşinalar palatasyHouse of CommonsLordlar palatasyHouse of Lordspolitical4shop, housekitap palatasybook shopfirm, company
palawpalownpilaf, pilaupalaw bişirmekto cook pilauA dish made using meat or fish, rice, carrots and onions, and often cooked for celebrations or large gatherings.
palçykn1mudpalçyk bolmakto be/become muddyDaşary palçyk.It's muddy outside.Meniň balagym palçyk bolupdyr.My trousers got all muddy.2claygaty (goýy) palçykthick claypalçyk etmekto mix claypottery, bricks
pallamakpa:llamakvto yawn
paltanaxepalta sapyaxe-handlepalta bilen çapmakto chop with an axebiriniň aýagyndan palta kill
paltopal'tocfdonncoatpalto geýmekto put on a coatknee-length winter coat
pamykpa:mykncotton wool, waddingpamyk ýalycomp.soft
panuspa:nusnlantern, lamp