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sabasaba:nearly morningsaba şemalymorning wind
sabynsa:bynnsoapkir sabynylaundry soaptualet sabynytoilet soapsabyn zawodysoap-works, soap factory
sabyrcfsabyr-takattakatnpatience, endurancesabryň gaçmakto lose patiencesabyr etmekto have patience, show patiencesabyr käsäň dolmakto lose patienceSabyr et!comp.Bless you!said after sneezing
sabyr-takatsabyr-ta:katcfsabyrtakatadvpatient endurance
sabyrlyadjpatientsabyrly bolmakto be patient, have patience
sabyrlylyknpatience, endurancesabyrlylyk bilenpatiently, with patience
sabyrsabyr-takat takat
sabyrsyzadjimpatientsabyrsyz çagaimpatient child
sabyrsyzlyknimpatiencesabyrsyzlyk etmekto show impatiencesabyrsyzlyk bilen garaşmakto wait without patience
saç1saçnhairsaç almakcut hairsen meniň saçymy alyp biljekmi?are you able to cut my hair?
saç2sa:çnfrying pan
saçakn1tablecloth, bread-storage clothGoý siziň saçagaňyzyň bereketi egsilmesin!May your table always be full of food!cloth used for both keeping bread and eating off and traditionally made from camel wool2presentsaçakly gatnaşmakto exchange presentsfig
saçakçyncockroach, black-beetle
saçmakvto give out, spreadsaçyp durmakshineýagty saçmakto shinegün nuruny saçyp durthe sun is shining brightlyder saçmakcomp.vto toildür saçmakcomp.vto speak wisely, to do something properly
sadasa:daadjsimple, not complicated, easy; simple task; humble, naive, simple-hearted, open-hearted, artlesssada meselean easy problemsada ýigita simple-hearted young mansada adamlarordinary peoplesada numbermathematicssada sözlemcomp.simple sentencegrammar
sadakadial. var.sadaganoffering, gift, sacrificesadaka etmekto have a religious mealsadaka bermekto give a gift, to offer a sacrifice, to offer a SadaqahTo give a Sadaqah can simply mean to give alms, but more often than not it involves an animal sacrifice followed by a meal
sadalaşdyrmaksa:dalaşdyrmakcfsadalaşmakvto simplifymeseläni sadalaşdyrmakto simplify a problemýazuwy sadalaşdyrmakto simplify spelling
sadalaşmakcfsadalaşdyrmakvto be simplified
sadalyksa:dalyknsimplicity, naiveness, naivetyözüňi sadalyga salmakto pretend to be naive, affect naivety
sadapn1mother-of-pearl, nacresadap ýaly ak dişlerwhite teeth as mother-of-pearl2pearl button
sadyksady:kadjfaithful, true
sag1adjhealthyjanyňyz sagmy?how are you?, how is your health?Sag-aman geldiňmi?Is everything all right?siziň janyňyzyň sag bolmagynyyour whole being becoming strongsag bol aý thanksag bol(yň)!comp.1Thank you!2Goodbye!
sag2adjrightsag elright handsagdan solafrom right to left