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takwatakwa:adjsinless, without sin
takykta:ky:kadjaccurate, punctual
takyklamakvto make certain, fix
takyklykta:ky:klykn1accuracy, punctuality2accurate, exact
takyradj1bald, hairless2(desert) flat
talakdivorce; talaqtalaknamadivorce paperThe word literally means '[you are]free'. If a man says it three times to his wife, this initiates the divorce process, according to Sharia.
talamakta:lamakvto raid, plunder, loot, ransack
talaňçyrobber, bandit, raider
talapcftalapkärndemand, requirement, claimOnuň talaby näme?What's his demand?talap edijiclaimanttalap etmekto require
talap etmekvto demand, require, claim
talapkärcftalapclaimant; the one demanding
talypta:ly:pnstudenttalyp hakycomp.cfstipendiýagrant, scholarship; stipend
tamta:mnhousepagsa tammud-brick housetam süpüriji(house) cleanerÇüş! Tamda gulak bar.comp.Shsh! The walls have ears.
tamatama:advhope, desire
tamadancompère, master of ceremonies, MC
tamamtama:madjcomplete, finished, ended
tamamlamaktama:mlamakvto complete, finish
tamamlanmaktama:mlanmakvto be completed, be finished, be ended
tamdyrcfduhowkanoventamdyr çörektandoori flat breadA clay oven used for baking, especially cörek.
tamşanmakv1to lick one's chops2to eat a small amount, take a bite
tanalmakvto be recognised
tanamakcftanyşdyrmaktanyşmakvto recognise, be familiar (with), know someone, be acquainted (with)men ony tanamokI don't know him
tanapnrope, cord
tanatmakvto introduce