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turmakcfdurmakv1to stand up, riseÝaşuly ýerinden turdy.The older man got up from his place.Turuň!Stand up!2get up; wake upTuruň!It's time to get up!3to leave, get up to goTurduňmy?Are you leaving?4to start, arise, get upÝel turdy.A wind has got up.göwünden satisfy one's/someone's desires
turuwbaşdanfrom the beginning
turuzmakv1to wake someone (up), waken2to stir upÝigrenç uruşlar turuzýandyr.Hatred stirs up strife.
tussagnprisonertussag etmekto put in prison
tussaghanatussagha:nandungeon, prison
tussaghana; zyndancftürme
tutalgacfruçkasyýagalamtutawaçadv1handle2argument, reason
tutaryktuta:ryknargument, reason
tutaşdyrmakvto kindle
tutaşmakto flare up
tutluşmakvto wrestle
tutmakv1to catch, grab, touchat tutyp çagyrmakto call someone's name and invitegöz öňünde tutulmakbe considered2to call3to holdtoý tutmakto hold a weddingtutmak be surprised
tutulmakv1to be caught2to be held
tutuşnwhole, all of
tutuşlyknall (of it)
tutyncurtain, dividing curtainTraditionally hung in a yurt to provide privacy between members of an extended family.
tükenmekvto be expended, consumed, used (up), to run outMeşkindäki suw tükendi.The water in the leather bag ran out.