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tümmekhill, mound
tüpeňnrifle, gun
türgencfsportçy1adjskilledtürgen etmekto train2nathlete
türgenleşdirmekvto train
türgenleşikvpractice, training
türk1nA Turk2adjTurkishtürk diliTurkish (language)
türkçenin Turkish, Turkish
türkinturkictürki dilTurkic language
türkmen1na TurkmenMen türkmenI am a Turkmen.2adjTurkmentürkmen diliTurkmen, the Turkmen language
Türkmenbaşynhead of the TurkmenHalk, watan, Türkmenbaşy!People, homeland, head of the the Turkmen!
türkmençenTurkmenOl arassa Türkmençe gepledi.He spoke Turkmen with a good accent.
türkmençiliknTurkmen traditionsTürkmençilikde myhmany duz-çörek bilen garşy almalyit is a Turkmen tradition to meet people with bread and salt
türmecftussaghana; zyndannprison, jail, gaol
tüsselemekvto smoke
tüwelemenwell doneConnected with belief in the evil eye.
tüweleýn1whirlwind, tornado2twisterAmer colloq
tüwin1rice2pilau, pilafdial
tüýnhair, fur
tüýdüknflutesounds like a flute but is played almost vertically, with the mouth hooked under the musician's top lipdilli tüýdükunspec. comp. formreed pipesounds (but doesn't look) like an oboe or clarinet
tüýkürmekvto spit