ýanýa:ncfýanyndapost1beside, near, next toýanyndanext to him/her/it, with him/her/itOnuň ýanynda duran kim?Who is the person standing next to her?location2to see, visitMeniň ýanyma geläý.Please, come to see me.Men onuň ýanyna barjak.I will go and see him.ýanymato meMen onuň ýanyna barjak.I will go to visit him.directionýan ýoldaşcomp.spouse; husband, wife; partnerOnuň ýan ýoldaşy ondan on ýaş uly.Her husband is ten years older than her.Toýa her kim öz ýan ýoldaşy bilen gelipdir.Everyone came to the party with their partners.Ýasy ýanyň ýerde bolsun!comp.nDon't worry about it!Men onuň yzyndan giderin. Ýasy ýanyň ýerde bolsun!I will go and see him. Don't worry about it!ýan bermekph. v.1to give up, give inDuşmanlar näçe köp bolsa-da, türkmenler ýan bermedi.However many the enemies, the Turkmen didn't give in.2to come into dock

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