razylykra:zy:lykcfrazyçylykn1satisfaction, contentmentOl barada uçilişäniň direksiýasyndan razylyk aldy.He took satisfaction from the three year management.Men başga işe öz razylygym bilen geçdim.I changed jobs because I wanted to.2consent, assentrazylyk bermekto give one's consentählumumy razylyk bilenby common consentrazylyk bildirmekph. v.v causto give one's consent, show satisfaction, agreenä razylyk bildirmekto disagree, show dissatisfactionOl bu teklibe özüniň razylygyny bildirdi.He made known that he agreed with this suggestion.Ol bu işe özüniň razylygyny bildirdi.He made known that he was happy with this job.

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