namysna:mys1nhonour, integrityNamys ynsanyň bezegidir.Honour is humankind's decoration.namysyňy ýaşlykdan goramalyYour honour should be built up from your youth.watanyň namysyny goramakto protect the honour of your country2vshame, dishonournamys getirmekto bring disgrace; to dishonourMeniň oglum ogurlyk edip, maşgalamyza namys getirdi.My son brought shame on the family by stealing.namysa goýmakto disgrace, shame, dishonour someoneSen bizi namysa goýma.Do not disgrace us.namys etmekto shame someone, humiliate someonenamysyna degmekcomp.1to dishonour, disgrace, shame2to rapeEsgerler ol gyzyň namysyna degipdirler.The soldiers raped that girl.namysyny shame, humiliateDuşmanlar halkyň namysyny depgilediler.The enemies humiliated the people.

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