boşadjempty, vacantboş ýer barmy?is there a space?boş gep-gürrüňlerempty talkboş kürsian empty chairboş gezip ýören mallarfree range animalsboş wagtfree timeboş gapempty dishesboş orun/wezipea free rung [on the ladder]; sideways over no oneboş adama free man/womanagzy boşcomp.1empty words, meaningless prattle2empty words, nonsenseBaharyň aýdanyna seretme, onuň agzy boş.Don't listen to her, she's talking nonsense.boş sözcomp.adjtalking rubbish, empty words, nonsense, a waste of time; boshSeniň hemme aýdanlaryň boş söz.Everything you have said is a waste of time.Seniň beren wadalaryňa men indi ynanamok, olaryň hemmesi boş söz.I now don't believe any promises you make, they are all bosh.eli boş

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