itn1dogaw itihunting dog, hound, gun doggoýun itisheep-dog, hunting dogTürkmen itleri daýaw we güýçli bolýarlar.Turkmen dogs are big and strong.2vile person, villainIçimi it ýyrtýar.comp.I cannot stand it any durmuşycomp.a dog's lifeIşçileriň ýagdaýy it durmuşyThe condition of workers is a dog's life.ite it ölümicomp.a bad death for a bad person i.e. they got what they deservedgününe it aglamakph. live a life of wretched povertyit alan sanaja döndermekph. tear to piecesMöjekler goýny it alan sanaja dönderdiler.The wolves tore the sheep to masgarasy etmekph. disgrace, defame, humiliateOny it masgarasy edip, obadan kowdular.They cut him off from the village as a way of humiliating ýaly ýadamakph. be dog-tiredŞu gün men it ýaly ýadadym.Today I was dog-tired.

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