wagtntimeşu wagtlarthese daysboş wagtfree timeiş wagtyworking hoursşu wagtnow, at the moment, currentlywagtyndaon time, at the appropriate timewagtynda gelmekto come in timekabul ediş wagtyreception hours, calling hoursýajkyn wagtdain the near futureöňki wagtdain the old dayshemme wagtall the time, continuallywagtyndan öňprematurelywagt geçirmekto spend timebir wagtdacomp.1once, at one timeOl bir wagtda üç işi ýerine ýetiripdir.At one time he was able to hold down three jobs.2oncehiç wagtcomp.advneverOl hiç wagt ýalan geplemändir.He never told lies.şol wagtdacomp.connat that timewagt bermekph. v.to give timeSen maňa naharlanmaga wagt ber.Give me time to eat.wagt tapmakph. v.to find timeWagt tapyp, sen şu kitaby oka.Read this book when you find time.

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