abraýa:braýnesteem, respect, honour, prestige, (good) reputationTürkmen atlarynyň dünýäde uly abraýy bar.Turkmen horses are esteemed around the world.abraýa eýe bolmakto be keeper of one's own reputationabraýdan aýyrmakph. v.to disgraceOl ogurlyk edip, tutuş maşgalamyzy abraýdan aýyrdy.By stealing he disgraced our whole family.abraýdan düşmekph. v.1to lose respectAýagyny gyşyk basyp, ters iş edip abraýdan düşdi.He lost respect by doing immoral and perverse things.2to fall from honourOl ýalan gepläp, abraýdan düşdi.He lied and has fallen from his honourable position [in society].abraýyňy dökmekph. v.to lose prestigeAbraýyňy dökmek aňsat, ýöne dikeltmek kyn.To lose prestige is easy, to build it up is difficult.abraýyňy ýitirmekph. v.to lose prestigeOl para-peşgeş alyp, abraýyny ýitirdi.He lost his prestige by taking bribes.

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