ýitirmekv1to lose, be deprived ofçakgyňy ýitirmekto lose one's penknifeSiziň ýitirýän zadyňyz ýok.You've got nothing to lose.ýoluňy ýitirmekto lose one's way2to waste, spendwagtyňy ýitirmekto waste time on3to lose touch, not to seeBiz seni ýitirdik!We haven't seen you for ages!abraýyňy ýitirmekcomp.to lose prestigeOl para-peşgeş alyp, abraýyny ýitirdi.He lost his prestige by taking bribes.gözüňden ýitirmekcomp.to lose sight ofgüýjüni ýitirmekcomp.to lose one's strengthhuşuňy ýitirmekcomp.v1to lose consciousness, pass out, faint2to lose one's memoryözüňi ýitirmekcomp.to be at a lossÝitir, ýok et!comp.Take it away!ýitirip tapan ýalycomp.to be overjoyedAkjany görüp, ýitirip tapan ýaly begendim.I was so overjoyed to see Akja.

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