zaýalamakza:ýalamakv1to spoil, affect for the worse, mess upYssy howa biziň saglygymyzy zaýalady.Hot weather affected our health for the worse.Uruş howany zaýalapdyr-da ekinem şondan bitmändir.The war messed up the weather - that's why our crops didn't ripen.The war affected the weather - that's why our crops didn't ripen.2to rape, take by force; turn into damaged goodsGije erbet oglanlar üýşüp, bir gyzy zaýalapdyrlar.Bad guys gathered at night and raped a girl.3to break, damageGullar zähmet gurallaryny zaýalaýardylar.Slaves used to ruin the tools.gözüňi zaýalamakto have one's eyesight damaged (by)4to corrupt, cause to go astrayArak ony gaty zaýalapdyr.Drink corrupted him.Öz nerwiňi zaýalama!comp.Don't take it to heart!

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