dondo:ncfpalton1long coat, robegyrmyzy donred robeÖýlenýän ýigit egnine gyrmyzy don, başyna ak silkme telpek, aýagyna aýnagonç ädik geýdi.The groom wore a crimson robe, a white sheepskin hat, and long boots.Clothes traditionally worn by men in Central Asia.2shawl, mantleajal donyny geýmekph. dieEden işine namys edip ajal donuny geýipdir.When he was shamed by what he had done he died.dony biçilmekph. v.vto make a planSeniň gelejegiň barada biz eýýam dony biçindik.We have already made plans for your future.gara donly bolmakph. wear a black robe

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