nazarcfnukdaýnazarn1sight, looknukdaý nazarpoint of view, conceptionOl şübheli nazary bilen seretdi.She watched with an uncertain look.nazar aýlamakto look backnazardan sypdyrmakto loose sight of; to ignoreAwçy sülgüni nazaryndan sypdyrmady.The hunter did not loose sight of the pheasant.nukdaý nazardanaccording tonazary düşmekto notice somethingnazar salmakto look at, cast a glance/look (at); to favournazaryňy dikmekto gaze (at), stare (at)nazarda tutmakto take into consideration; to gaze (at), stare (at)2perspective, viewnukdaý nazarpoint of view, conceptionnukdaý nazardanaccording tonazarda tutmakto take into considerationnazar look straight at someone or something; to fix your attention on someone or somethingbir zada nazaryňy dikmekto fix your sight on somethingnazar kaklyş meet someone's eye; to exchange looks; to bear in mind; to remember; to aimnazara almakcomp.n1to keep in mind2to aim for, gaze, look

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