dagamakv1to disperse, break up, be scatteredderegi dagamak For news to spread.Ýel güýçlenende, ümür dagady.When the wind strengthened the mist dispersed.Toý sowuldy, myhmanlar öýli-öýüne dagady.The wedding wound up and the guests dispersed to their various homes.Halta ýarylansoň, tüwi dagap gitdi.After the saddle-bag got torn, the rice fell out and was lost.2to collapse, fall downJaý dagady.The house collapsed.Seljuk imperiýasy X111 asyrda dagady.The Seljuk empire collapsed in the 13th century.3to fall apart, be worn out Meniň köwşüm dagady.My shoes fell apart.Onuň köýnegi dagapdyr.His shirt is worn out.

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