sansa:ncfbelginomerotag1ölçeglisanyn1number, quantitybütin sanwhole numberdrob sanfractional numbertäk sanodd numberjübüt saneven numberiki sanytwo (of something)mathematics2numeralbirlik sansingular (number)köplük sanplural (number)mukdar sanlarcardinal numeralstertip sanordinal numerals9Grammargrammar3issue, number, releasegazýetiň şu günki sanytoday's issue of a newspaperköplük sancomp.npluralSanlar iki topara bölünýär: birlik we köplük.Numerals are divided into two groups: singular and plural.grammarsana salmakph. put in order; to repair; to bring upsandan çykmakph. go bad; to become corrupt/demoralized; to decay, rot

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