ýagdaýn1condition, state, situationSyrkawyň ýagdaýy gün-günden oňatlaşýar.The patient is getting better day by day.Ýagdaýyň nähili?How are things?adatdan daşary ýagdaýstate of emergencyýagdaýlar gowulaşýarConditions are improving.maddy ýagdaýfinancial situation2status, standingmaşgala ýagdaýyfamily statussosial ýagdaýsocial status3occasion, momentamatly ýagdaýright moment4opportunity, possibilityKynçylygy basyp, ýagdaý döredýär...When difficulties arise, possibilities are created...5means, resourcesýagdaýym ýok.I haven't got the means.finances6atmosphere, environmentDuşuşyk dostlukly ýagdaýda geçdi.The meeting has passed in a friendly way.

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