ýolýo:ln1road, track, way, route, path; optionýolda durmaňget out of the wayýola düşmekto set off, set out on a journeyuzak ýollong journey, long wayýola çykmazdan öňbefore setting outiki ýol bilen düşündirmekto explain in two waysparahatçylykly ýol bilenin a friendly way, peacefullyIkimiziň ýolumyz başga.Our ways of thinking are different.ýol görkezijiguideýol görkezmeka) to show somebody the way (to a place), give directions to b) to guideýol gurluşygyroad constructionIkimiziň ýolumyz başga.Our way is different.ýolda durmaň!Don't stand in the road!ýol bermeka) to let someone pass; make way for b) to permit, allow, give opportunityýol ugrunaon the way (to)Ikimiziň ýolumyz bir.We are going the same way.ýol gözlemekto look for the way; to look for the way outýoldan çykmakto lose one's wayýol açmakto force one's way through; to make one's way in lifeöz ýoluň bilen gitmekto go with your own wayýol tapmakto find a way, sort something outMaňa ýeke ýol galýar.There is one option for me.Hudaý ýolyGod's way (a religious meal)God's way: a lamb or goat is sacrificed in order to remember a deceased member of the family, to give thanks for something, or to prevent one's fate turning bad (i.e. to gain God's favour).2tractdem alyş ýollaryrespiratory tracthowa ýolycomp.nairlineTürkmenistanyň howa ýollaryTurkmenistan airlinesmaňa ýeke ýol galýarcomp.there is only one way out for meOnuň işi ýol almady.comp.His work has not been crowned with success.Onuň ýoly gowy.comp.His future is secure.oňa hemme ýol açykcomp.all roads are open to himýoldan çykancomp.1spoiltÝoldan çykany terbiýelemek hökmanydyr.It is essential to teach a spoilt person.2spoilt, dissolute, reprobateýolunda durmakto bar somebody's road, be in somebody's wayýoluň(yz) ak bolsun!comp.Have a safe journey! Bon voyage!işleri ýola salmakph. v.to set things in motionTäze müdir işleri ýola saldy.A new director set things in motion.öz ýoluň bilen gitmekph. v.to go one's own wayýol bermekph. v.to permit, allow, give opportunityMen muňa ýol berip bilmerin.I can't allow him to do it.ýola salmakph. v.1to see somebody off; to regulate, put rightMen ony gapa çenli ýola saldym.I took him to the door to see him off.2to get something going, set things in motionişleri ýola salmakto set things going3to leadOl meni dogry ýola saldy.He showed me the right way.ýoluňy urdurmakph. v.to lose one's way; to go astray

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