boşamakv1to get untied, be freed; to get away; be free; break freeŞu gün işimiň känligi sebäpli, işden giç boşadym.Today I had so much work I got away from work late.Eliň boş bolsa maňa kömek et.If you're free please help me.Itimiz boşap goňşymyzy erbet gorkuzypdyr.Our dog broke free and really scared our neighbour.It boşapdyr.The dog apparently broke free.eliň boşafree your hands2to become emptyKino gutaran badyna zalyň içi boşady.As soon as the film finished the hall was emptied.Öý boşady.The house emptied.3to go flatMaşynyň tigri boşapdyr.The car tyre went flat.4to be dismissed, be let go, be fired, be sacked, be moved onOl işden boşady.S/he was fired.

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