janja:n1nsoul, spirit, heart2nperson, soul, human being, headjan başynaper head, per capita3adjdear, belovedjanym meniň!My dear!jan dost!Dear friend!for a cause4lifejanyňy gurban etmekto sacrifice oneself, lay down one's lifejan bermekto die, give up one's lifejana-jancomp.ja:na-ja:ncfjanköýer1adjfaithful, loyal, reliable, devoted, staunch, trustworthyjana-jan dostfaithful/loyal friend2ownOl meniň jan ýaly doganym.He is my own brother.3vital, crucialjan etmekph. v.vto do one's best, do one's utmostBu gyz bäsleşikde ýeňmek üçin jan edýär.This girl does her utmost to win the competition.janyňy ýakmakph. v.v1to waste emotional energy (on), make someone angryMeniň gyzym aýdanymy etmän janymy ýakýar.My daughter makes me angry by not doing what I told her to do.2to concern oneself with, worry about

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