bolmakv1to bebolmazlykabsenceýok bolmazlykiki boluptogether, two-of-us/you/themOl Angliýada boldy.S/he was in England (for a while).2to be bornOňa ogul boldy.He/they had a son.3to become, grow, happen, occur, take placeeýe bolmakto acquire, become the owner ofbolup geçmekto happenŞeýle bolup çykdy.That's how it happened.kiçi bolmakto grow small, to reduce in sizeBu uly bir waka bolupdy.A major event took place.4to finishBoldy!That's all!Indi boldy!Now (at last) it's finished!Men iýip içip boldum.I've had enough to eat and drink.Nahar iýlip bolnansoň, patyşa ýene gürläp başlady...After he had finished eating, the king began to speak again...5to be possible6to try, to be about toöldürjek bolmakto try to killid.kül bolmakkülBoldy!comp.Enough! Stop!Boljak!comp.1OK! It's going to happen!2All right - I'll do it!bolmajysy bolmakcomp.Bolýar!comp.1Al right!Brit2Okay, OK!AmerIndi boldy!comp.Now it's finished!

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