ünsnattention, careHormatly Prezidentimiz ylym-bilim ulgamyny üns merkezinde saklaýar.Our respected president keeps the education system in the centre of his attention.üns bermekcomp.to pay attention (to), listen carefullySen ol çaganyň bolşuna üns ber.Pay attention to the behaviour of that child.üns bilencomp.attentively, carefullyBiz ony üns bilen diňledik.We listen to him attentively.üns merkezinde bolmakcomp.to be in the limelightÇagalaryň saglygy üns merkezinde bolýar.The health of the children is in the limelight.ünsüni çekmekcomp.to draw/attract one's attention (to)Ol meniň ünsümi özüne çekdi.She attracts my attention to her.

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