ussanrepairman, craftsmanZynjyrym üzülende zergär ussa bejertmäge eltdim.I took my broken chain to jewellers.agaç ussasycomp.joiner, carpenter; luthierAýal doganym durmuşa çykanda agaç ussaň ýanyna baryp onuň oňaran iň owadan sandygyny aldyk.When my sister got married we went to see a carpenter and bought the most beautiful chest.Mälik Gökje agaç ussasy, onuň oňaran dutarlary Mary iline belli.Malik Gokje is a luthier and the dutars he makes are well known to folk in Mary.demirçicomp.blacksmithÇarhyň tigirçegi döwülende, demirçi ussa eltip bejertdi.When a mill wheel broke, they brought it to silversmith to fix.demirçi ussasilversmithtikinçi ussacomp.tailor, seamstressMeňli obamyzyň belli tikinçi ussasy, köp gyz-gelinler köýnegini şoňa tikdirýärler.Mengli is our village's most well-known seamstress, many girls and women get her to sew dresses for them.

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