bukjacfkonwertn1small bag, caseBazarda her-hili düýe ýüňden dokalan bukjalar satylýar.All kinds of bags made of camel wool are sold in the market.Özüme açarlary salyp göterer ýaly bukja tikdim.I sewed a case to carry the keys on me.2envelopePoçtalýon şadyýan habarly bukja getirdi.The postman brought an envelope containing news that made [us] happy.Bir hepde bäri zerur kagyzly bukja garaşýan.I've been waiting for the important envelope for a week.3wardrobe of clothesTäze gelniň getiren bukjasyny, hemmeler görüp haýran galdylar.When they saw the wardrobe of the new bride, everyone was surprised.

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