bilbi:ln1waistinçe billi gyznarrow-waisted girl2backTaýyp ýykylanymda bilimi agyrtdym.When I slipped and fell over I hurt my back.biliň agyrmakfor one to have (lower) back painbil baglamakph. resolve; to trust inŞu gün altmyş kile pagta ýygmaga bilimi bagladym.Today I resolved to collect sixty kilos of cotton.bil bükmekph. be bent over, to be drained (phys. and/or emotional)bil ýazmakph. rest (sitting or lying down)bili gelmek/açylmakph. have/begin one's monthly periodDil bilen orak orsaň, bil agyrmazsay.If you harvest with your tongue, your back won't hurt.

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