büdremekvto stumble (over), get stuck (on)Awtobusa ýetişjek bolup ylgamda, daşa büdräp dyzyma ýykyldym.When I was running for a bus, I stumbled over a stone and fell to my knees.Garaňkyda bir zada büdräp tas ýykylypdym.I almost stumbled over something in the dark.Basgançakda büdräp, ýykylmajak bolup germeçden ýapyşdym.I stumbled up the stairs and clung to the handrail so as not to fall.Bu iş meni büdretdi.This job caused me to stumble.Saz çalanda, onuň eli büdreýär.When playing music, his hand gets confused.

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