açmakv1to open, inaugurate, turn onSport dürli ýurtlara gapy açýar.Sport opens the door to different countries.Gapyny aç.Open the door.2reveal, discoverYlym tebigat syrlaryny açýar.Research reveals the secrets of nature.Galileý ýeriň aýlanmak kanunyny açdy.Galileo discovered laws concerning the earth's rotation.3to open, beginýygnagy açmakto start a meeting4to turn onRadiony açsana, gyzykly gepleşik gidip dur.Please turn on the radio, there is an interesting speech going on.agyz açmakcomp.(during the fast of Ramadan) to break one's fastara açmakcomp.to dissociate, break off relationsgöwün açmakcomp.to have a good time with one's friendsgürrüň açmakcomp.to begin a conversation, open a conversation

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