öwürmekv1to turn; to changeyzyna öwürmekto turn backýüzüňi öwürmekto avert one's face, turn aside; to turn away (from), to break (with), to forsakebaşga tarapa öwürmekto change direction2to turn (to, into), convert, change (for)daşa öwürmekto turn to stonekömre öwürmekto carbonisedegişmä öwürmekto turn into a jokedollary manada öwürmekto change dollars for manatsbaşga tarapa öwürmekto turn onto the other side3to turn over; to invertdaşyna öwürmekto turn inside outsahypany öwürmekto turn over a pagepikir öwürmekcomp.to reach a decisionýüzüňi öwürmekcomp.to turn away from, break offOl bizden ýüzüni öwürdi we gaýdyp seretmedi.She turned her face away from us and never again looked back.

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