urulmakv1to be hit, be beatenGünäsiz urulmak Berdiň namysyna agyr degdi.Being beaten for no reason made Berdi feel highly disgraced.Jenaýatçy urulmajak bolup kimden we haçan zatlary alanyňy sülçä aýtdy.In order to stop being beaten, the criminal admitted to the detective where, when and from whom he got those things .Başka şähere göçümizde öý goşlarymyz uly maşyna uruldy.When we moved to another city we packed all our stuff in a lorry.2to strikeGije on ikide sagadyň dili on iki gezek urlanda, Zoluşkaň bar jadysy açylýar.When the clock strikes twelve at midnight, Zolushka will loose all magic.bir okda iki ördek urulmakcomp.to kill two ducks with one shot; kill two birds with one stone

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