dogmakv1to rise (i.e. sun, moon)Gün dogýar.The sun is rising.Zöhre ýyldyzy dogdy.The planet Venus rose.Aý dogdy, ýöne bulutlardan ýaňa görünmeýärdi.The Moon rose, but because it was cloudy, it was not seen.2to be bornkem dogmakto be prematureGelnejem üç oguldan soň gyz dogdy.My sister-in-law gave birth to a daughter after she had had three sons.Üçünji otagdaky ene entek doganok.The mother in the third room has not given birth yet.Şu on çaga bir eneden dogan çagalar.These ten children are born from one mother.kem doglan çagapremature baby

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