kemalkema:ln1maturity, adulthood, ripeness, benefit, favour; Işiňden kemal tapmak.To enjoy the benefits of your work.2completeness, perfection3Kemal - a boy's nameKemal mekdebi gutaryp öýlendi.Kemal got married after he finished school.kemala gelmekcomp.v1to ripen, to be or become ripeÜzüm agaçlary üç ýylyň dowamynda kemala gelýär.Vines are ready (to produce fruit) after three years.2grow up, mature, reach maturity, attain one's majority, become a man, be readykemala gelen gyza girl of the full legal age, an adult girlkemala getirmekcomp.vto bring up, raiseMeniň ejem sekiz çagany kemala getirdi.My mother raised eight children.

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