akylnreasonableness, rationality, good sense, sound judgement, clevernessÇaga bäş ýaşdan soň akyl gelýär.After the age of five children develop good sense.akyl bermekcomp.to give counsel (advice, correction)akyl dişicomp.wisdom toothakyl zähmeticomp.brain work, work that requires hard thinkingakyla sygmajak wakacomp.unbelievable eventakyldan azaşmakcomp.1to lose consciousness; to lose one's mind2to lose one's reason, to go insaneAýal çagasy ölenden soň, akylyndan azaşdy.The woman lost her reason after the death of her child.akyly goýalyşmakcomp.to become a responsible adultakyly gözündecomp.to know what one is going to do, to have a clear goalAlada etme, onuň akyly gözünde.Don't worry, s/he knows what to do.akyly keltecomp.lacking intellect, not very smartakyly ýetmekcomp.to come to realise somethingakylyna aýlanmakcomp.to realise the error of one's waysAkylyna aýlanan ata maşgalasyna dolandy.The father realized the error of his ways and returned home.akylyny almakcomp.to take a liking to something, to fancy somethingTäze sport maşyny ýigidiň akylyny aldy.The young man fancied a new sports car.akylyň çaşmakcomp.to be at a loss about what to doakylyňy ýitirmekcomp.to lose one's mindakyl ýetirmekid.to comprehend, understand, grasp

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