barba:r1modal vto haveDükanda diýen harydyň bar.The shop has anything you could possibly want.2modal vto be (there)Şemşat barmy? Ýok, ol dükana gitdi.Is Shemshad there? No, she went to the shop.Gözleýän kitabym, kitaphanada bar bolsa gerek.If the book I'm looking for is there in the book shop, I need it.3adjyesSuw barmy? Bar.Is the water on? Yes.4adjall of, the wholeBar edilen işler biderek boldy.All the work that had been done was a waste of be, to haveBu dünýäde bar bolmak ýa bar bolmamak...To be or not to be (in this world) bolmak -- original form of the verb barbary-ýogycomp.1roughly, approximatelyAradan bary-ýogy iki aý geçdi.Approximately two months have passed since then.2in all, only, justGar bary-ýogy bir gün ýagdy.Snow fell, just for one day.Bar bol(uň)!unspec. comp. formcfArma(ň)!comp. ofarmakbarThanks, I'm fine!Reply to someone who says Arma(ň)! when they enter the workplace.

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