çykarmak1v1to get out, take outsumkadan kitaplaryňy çykarmakto take one's books out of one's bag2to put off, take offköýnegiňi çykarmakto take one's shirt off3to dismiss, make someone redundant, sack; to let someone go, fire someoneDirektor ony işden çykardy.He was dismissed by the director.4to let (an animal) out5to publish, printsözlük çykarmakto publish a dictionary6to produce, makeBu zawod maşyn çykarýar.This factory produces cars7to extract, minenebit çykarmakto extract oil8to issue, announce, pronouncehöküm çykarmakto give/pronounce judgement9to put forward, stick outdil çykarmakstick one's tongue out10to dislocatebaş çykarmakcomp.1to understand, make out2to solve, find a solutionnetije çykarmakcomp.vto come to a conclusionSen meniň aýdan teklibimden nähili netije çykardyň?What conclusion did you come to about my suggestion?ýatdan çykarmakcomp.to forgetMen onuň bar aýdanlaryny ýatdan çykaraýypdyryn!Oh, I'd forgotten all the words he said.ýüze çykarmakcomp.to discover, to find outMen onuň maňa ýalan sözleýänini tötänden ýüze çykardym.I accidentally found out that he was lying to me.

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