dilemekv1to beg, ask, pray for, requestpul dilemekto ask for money Jaý almak üçin karz pul diledim.I asked for a loan to buy a house.Ýetim çagajyk ýoldan geçip barýanlardan pul diläp dur.An orphan is begging money from passengers.Kitaby okamak üçin diläp aldym.I asked for a book to read.Duşmana ölüm diländen, özüňe ömür dile.Beg for your life rather than asking for the death of your enemy.Hudaýdan uzak ömür dilemek.Ask God for a long life.Baýlyk dilemede, saglyk dile.Don't pray for riches, pray for health.Her gije Hudaýdan dilegler diläp,gowy umytlar edip ýatýaryn.Every night I pray to God in good faith, then sleep.2to express a desire/wish3to argue, try to buy forBazarda bir toklyny bäş ýüz müň manada diledim, ýöne ylalaşmadyk.In the market I tried to buy a yearling for five thousand Manat, but we could not agree a price.Sygyry iki milliona diledim, dilän bahamada aldym.I argued that I should pay two million for a cow, and got it for that price.

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