atan1grandfather (paternal); forefather2ancestorsAtasyz toýda ýetim, enesiz günde ýetim.One is an orphan at weddings without a father, but one is an orphan every day without a mother.ata-babaancestors, forefathersata nesihatyfather's commandments3fatherene-ataparentsliteraryatalar sözicomp.words of wisdom, sayings, proverbsliteraryatam döwründen galancomp.left from the time of our ancestorsleft from modern uncle (war medals, etc.)atam öý father's houseused by a bride who has left home to live with her in-lawsAtasyz oglan ýetim, enesiz oglan ýesirsay.A man without a father is an orphan, a man without a mother is completely alone

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