kowmakcfkowalamakkowalaşmakv1to drive out, drive away, drive someone off, chase someone offöýden kowmakto drive outiti kowmakto drive a dog away2to sack, to fire, to expel, to dismiss, throw someone outişden kowmakto sack (from work)okuwdan kowmakto expel from the school3to drive (through)sygyrlary meýdana kowmakto drive the cows into the fieldugruna kowmakcomp.vto indulge, assent to, allowçagany ugruna kowmakto indulge the childSygrymyzy ugruna kowup, sürüde bakdyk.We followed our cow along with the herd.Eger çagany ugruna kowsaň, ol başyňa çykýar.If you agree to everything, your child will become spoilt.

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