hak1ntruth, veracityhak aýtmakto tell the truth2adjtrue, right, correctBu hak.It is true.Siziňki hak.You are right.hak sözright word3nsake, benefit4nright, prerogativehaky bolmakto have a rightHakym ýok.I have no right (to do something).ses bermäge hakto have the right to voteMeniň işlemäge we zähmet çekmäge hakym bar.I have the right to work.5npay, salary, wagegulluk hakypayment for services renderediş hakyearnings, wages, pay, salaryhak talap etmekto demand a wagebir günlük iş hakydaily pay, daily wageGowy işleseň, gowy hak alarsyň.If you work hard, you will be paid well.Meniň hakymy ber.Give me my pay.6nshare, part, portion, lot, payment, instalmentMeniň hakymy ber.Give me my share.mirasdan hakly bolmakto have a share of the inheritance/estatehak-hesipcomp.n1settling (with), settlementhesip geçirmekto settle (with)2settling (with)hak-hukukcomp.hak-huku:knlegal rightshak-hukuklycomp.hak-huku:klyadjwith rightshakyny alyp bermekcomp.vto take up his/her causehakyňy gidermekcomp.vto lose your order

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