raý2ra:ýn1movement, pace2willöz raýynaof one's own free will, of one's own accord3wish, desireraýyňdan gaýtmakto give up one's desireAtlar öz raýyna çapyp barýarlar.Horses race in their own way.öz raýyňa ýöremekto live your own lifeöz raýyňa hereket etmekto act in accordance with your intentionsOl çagalaryň raýyny ýykmak eslemedi.He didn't want to disappoint the child.tomaşaçylaryň raýyna garap aýdym aýtmakTo look at the spectators and singOny raýyňdan gaýtarmak kyn.It is hard to change her mind.Sen bu raýyňdan gaýt.Stop thinking like that

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