almakv1to take, get, bringBu iş köp wagt alýar.This work takes a long time.dynç almakto take a break, to have a restÖz üstüne almak.To take responsibility.2to buy, obtainat almakto buy a horse3to possess, take overarwahyň almazlykevil spirit possessionAl gerek bolsa!comp.If you need it, take it!ar take revengeat make one's name, make a name for one's selfbasyp invade, to take overdyrnagyňy almakcomp.vto cut fingernails, toenailseliňe take control, to take something into one's own handsMugallym klasyň tertibini öz eline aldy.The teacher took the class's discipline into her own hands.garşy receive (guests), to welcome ingöwnüňe almakcomp.vto take offencetalap raid

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