hiç1adjnone, nothing2not, no, not at allhiç haçancomp.advneverhiç haýsycomp.advneither, none of them, nobodyhiç hilicomp.Pronounnot any, none, no kind ofhiç hili täzelik ýok.There isn't any news.Hiç hili rol oýnanok.It is of no importance. It doesn't matter at all.hiç kimcomp.Pronounnobody, no onehiç wagtcomp.advneverOl hiç wagt ýalan geplemändir.He never told lies.hiç ýerdecomp.advnowherehiç zatcomp.Pronounnothing, nothing at allhiç zatsyz galdyrmakto be left with nothinghiçden giç ýagşycomp.adv(it is) better late than never

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