ýetmekv1to be enough, sufficientÝetenokdy.It was insufficient.2to reach, attainBize-de nobat ýetdi.We're at the front of the queue at last.gelip ýetmekto come at last3to arriveTomus ýetdi.Summer has arrived.4to catch up, reachyzyndan ýetmekto catch up; overtake5to catch up, approach, draw nearMen ylgap onuň yzyndan ýetdim.I ran and caught him up.6to achieve, gainMen ahyry arzuwyma ýetdim.At last I achieved my dream.7to experienceMen köp zadyň başyna ýetdim.I experienced a lot of things.colloq8to causeKesel onuň başyna ýetdi.Disease caused his death.

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