ýarmakýa:rmakv1to crackTäzeçe ýumurtgany ýarmaly.You have to crack a fresh egg.2to slit open, to cut opengawun ýarmakto cut open a melon3to blow upköprini ýarmakto blow up a bridge4to biteMeni it ýardy.The dog has bitten me.5to break inöý ýarmakto break into a house6to punctureÇüý maşynyň tigirini ýardy.The nail punctured the tyre.7to make a hole indiwary ýarmakto make a hole in a wallbagty daş ýarmakcomp.to have luck with, be luckydil ýarmakcomp.vto utter a word, to speak up, enter the conversationBiziň syrymyz barada hiç kimiň ýanynda entek dil ýarmagyn.Do not utter a word to anyone about our secret.ýüregini ýarmakcomp.1to frighten, scareDaýaw köpek üýrüp meniň ýüregimi ýardy.A large dog frightened me with his barking.2to frightenOnuň bolşuny görüp meniň ýüregim ýaryldy.Seeing his condition I was so frightened.

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