ýykmakv1to demolish, pull down (e.g., building)Biziň ýurdumyzda köne jaýlary ýykyp, täzeleri gurýarlar.In our country, old houses are pulled down, and new ones are built up.2to fell, cut down, toppleAgaçlary ýyksaň, adamyň ömrüni ýykdygyňdyr.If you fell trees, you cut short a person's life.3to push into, make fall intoçukura ýykmakto push into a pit4to win, beatgöreşde ýykmakto beat at wrestling5to failMugallym talyby ekzamende ýykdy.The teacher failed the student in an examination.göwnüni ýykmakcomp.to offendöýüni ýykmakcomp.1to put someone in a difficult situation2to put someone in a difficult situation3to put someone in a difficult situationýykan-ýumrancomp.ýyka:n-ýumra:nadjcompletely destroyed, demolishedýykan-ýumran etmekto destroy, demolish, ruin, wreck

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