ýitiadj1sharp, pointedýiti pyçaksharp knife2brightýiti reňkbright colour3burning, scorchinggünüň ýiti şöhlesiburning rays of the sun4clever, bright, sharp5sharp, sharp-sightedOnuň gözi ýitiHe has a sharp eye.6loudýiti sesloud voice7strong, pungentýiti yspungent smell8biting, stinging, sharpýiti dilsharp tongue9acuteýiti burçacute anglemathematicsýiti zehinlicomp.highly talentedOnuň ýiti zehinli ogly belli aýdymçy.Her highly talented son is a well-known singer.ýiti-ýiticomp.advfixedlyýiti seretmekto stare at, gaze at, look fixedly/intently (at)Ol maňa ýiti-ýiti seretdi.He sharply stared at me.

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